Popular artist from Hawaii ♡Colleen Wilcox

Popular artist from Hawaii "Colleen Malia Wilcox"

She loves Hawaii and is currently living on Oahu while working as an artist.

An artist and surfer, she has created many works on the subject of Hawaiian nature and surfing, and gives a lot of power to those who see them.

In Japan, he has deepened exchanges with many fans every time he visits Japan, and has communicated the charm of Hawaii through art.

coleen wilcox, hawaii, synergy

(2019.7 at Umeda, Osaka)

Products that allow you to incorporate her art into your daily life have become a hot topic on SNS and are loved by many celebrities, models and influencers!

coleen wilcox hawaii synergy coleen wilcox

1119A44096-003 Colleen WilcoxRound Towel

coleen wilcox Hawaii synergy sandals coleen wilcox

1120S31096-011 Colleen WilcoxJute style sandals

coleen wilcox hawaii synergy coleen wilcox

1117A31209-010 Colleen WilcoxFringed Mini Tote Bag

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Incorporate her art into your everyday lifestyle

Please feel Hawaii and art ♡

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